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Making Technology Purposeful and Balanced in the Home
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By Wildwood Technology Team


A twenty-first century parent has more to manage than just monitoring their child’s television show content and making sure they are home for dinner before the sun sets. While the benefits of technology use for learning are practically endless, personal devices and internet access have brought a set of new challenges for the modern family.


Technology in the home should present balance and purpose. Just as expectations are set in other areas of home life such as bedtime or curfew, parents are encouraged to create such norms around technology use that are modified based on age and maturity level.


As technology plays an increasingly important role in the learning and development of our students, there are many resources parents can utilize that will help their students develop “tech smarts.”

At the elementary school “Tech Smarts” Parent Coffee in October, more than 50 elementary school parents joined the Wildwood tech team to share pressing questions about appropriate use of technology in the home. Questions like, “How much screen time is ok?” and “How can we monitor our kids’ online activity?” and “How can we keep our kids
cyber safe?” were on everyone’s minds. We offered resources, tools, and approaches to address these concerns, recognizing that there is no one size fits all model. We have shared some of these resources and tools below that you may find helpful. (Click here for a printable resource list.)


We all need to become “tech smart.” The Wildwood tech team is here to help.

We are hosting a similar “Tech Smarts” session for middle and upper school parents in the spring. Please stay tuned for dates!








“Tech Smarts”—Resources for Parents



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